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  1. Newby
    Sec. 081

    Analyzing the poem: “Barbie Doll Poem”
    This poem, in a way characterizes the social perception and or perfection of women. The way we are stereotyped and wanted to be transformed in to a plastic lifeless artifact like a Barbie. No matter your ethnicity, religion, preference, etc. you need to be a certain way please society just for the fun of it. The speaker of this poem, I believe, is an on-looker, maybe a fellow classmate, co-worker or even a friend. This person tells us about the struggle this woman has relating her body image. Now, the audience of this poem, in my opinion, is the world in general. A sort of wake up call to all of the thous people who have teased, bullied of whatever to young girls everywhere.

    Analyzing the story “Barbie-Q”:
    This story begins describing maybe two little girls playing with there wear out barbie dolls. All they cared about was playing and having as many dolls to care for even though their low economical income. Both of the are optimistic, joyful and hopeful little girls who wanted to express there imagination and letting there creativity flow. They, at the end, receive beat up dolls, happily they take them ignoring there messed up state, all they want is to play. I believe that this story evolves around materialism and perfection and the way a child accepts her identity, no matter the flaw and discards society’s ideal of womens perfection creating a better and brighter future for her/them im sure.

  2. Barbie-Q
    The story talks about these two girls and their obsession with Barbies. They know the names of every outfit and what they all include,the names of every character created in Barbie’s world and how they are related to her. Even though they wish they could have all of this, the girls don’t have a lot of money and have to wait until Christmas to get new outfits for their dolls. This is why when one day at the flea market, when the girls spot the Mattel boxes, they get really excited because they know they can afford them there. The only reason why the dolls were there was because they had suffered some damage; but the girls don’t care at all. They only know that they are absolutely happy with their new dolls, and they didn’t have to wait until Christmas to get them. The girls only care how happy these dolls have made them and all the new adventures they can create.

    The poem is a very clear and direct critique towards society and towards the standards we have been lead to believe we must follow in order to be classified as pretty. One person told this girl that she had a big nose and fat legs, and that is all it took for her to worry about it constantly. The sad part is that maybe only one person told her directly, but many others thought about it and she knew. This is why when she takes the radical decision to “cut off her nose and legs”, everybody instantly starts to contemplate how pretty she looks. Society has a very messed up vision of what beauty is, and it has to start learning that not every beauty is equal.

  3. Jorge Sec 081

    The “real life” of a Barbie

    Barbies are probably the best selling toy of all time, if not one of them. Storming in the 60’s this particular doll established a type of social class structure among women. Whomever had the whole set and the pretiest doll were at the top of the ladder in the social scale. You were judged by the dool you had. During the 60’s, &0’s up until the 90’s was pictured as the ideal women. Blonde, blue eyes, perfect hair, perfect body’ a women without imperfections. This was a social perspective from the buyers, but the doll has another meaning to the maker, Ruth Handler (Mattel Inc.), it was to protray woman’s rights activism. Why? Because women were tired of sitting at hoem and wanted to :go out” to the labor world and prove they can do a man’s job. That’s the reason why we see astronaut, bussiness entrepeneur , sports players and many others. But once the 21st century came along another stereoptype, Barbie became the symbol of a fake phisically and dumb women. From a positive collective feedback to a not so positive feedback, still Barbie is one of the best selling toys. This toy truly was and is part of a social revolution for rights and evolution of roles in society as a woman.

  4. The “Barbie Doll” poem by Margaret Piercy is an indirect criticism to society. Women are stereotyped and spectated to have a series of characteristics to be considered beautiful or good looking and if not, are constantly humiliated. The idealization of women makes them transform themselves in something they are not. The standards impose by society are one of the most important reason why teenagers become anorexic, bulimic etc. However in the story “Barbie-Q” by Sandra Cisneros symbolizes two girls that can relate with their Barbie’s that were damaged. They were poor and learn to accept themselves the way they were. The messages of this two literary works present the important of acceptance. It would not make you less or ugly if you are certain skin color or hair, not even what you wear.

  5. In the poem we see a total normal girl at first. She was good and healthy in many ways according to the poem. Then she went through a lot pressure, wish we see even now a day not only by our peers but the television and advertisement. She changed the way she looked for the acceptance of the people around her, but at a high risk. When in the poem says she was more beautiful than ever, but after she had reached such a high point she had died. I think that the main idea of this is that after changing so much and going through surgery to appeal to the people around her, when they paint her as dead in the poem, I think is form of saying that her real self-died drowned in the makeup that covered layer by layer her whole body.
    In contrast the story about the two little girls added a more deep mining to the word doll. Although in both stories we can see dolls. The story with the two little girls had to do, what they could find that in each thing that could be useful to play with dolls, so then we can see, that this girls mostly look at the meaning of the objects rather than their appearance.

  6. In these texts we can find certain social criticism to the female culture. In the poem we see how the author criticize the fact of so many women being influenced by what the society thinks is beautiful. They do things to their physical appearance just to be accepted in the concept of beauty that society established. In of valuing what should really matters, intelligence, kindness, being healthy and all of the things that make you great as a person. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone has the same opinion of what beauty is. Still nowadays in order to be beautiful to everyone, which is impossible, you have to look like a barbie or just be compared to a doll, even if you don’t feel good or comfortable looking that way. In the story we can see how the author shows that in order to see something beautiful we have to accept the imperfections in it. For what is perfect doesn’t exist and how come that something that doesn’t exist be beautiful. The true beauty is found when you accept these imperfections and appreciate the thing for what it is and that way you see its perfection in its own way.

  7. Mairel Figueroa Bonaparte
    Sec : 081
    Barbie- Q by Sandra Cisneros
    What was the reason Sandra Cisneros wrote this?
    Sandra Cisneros was born December 20, 1954 in Chicago; Sandra Cisneros is an American novelist, short-story writer, essayist, and poet. Cisneros is one of the first Hispanic-American writers who have achieved commercial success.
    Sandra Cisneros may have a really good meaning to this story. From this story you can infer many things. This two girls from the story may be very poor even homeless. They are struggling in life. Their main toy is a Barbie, but this Barbie is not in good shape. This are used toys. From what I can perceive from this story is that this two girls may be Latin, people without documents. Trying to survive the city. From Sandra Cisneros information, Cisneros decides to write about conflicts directly related to her upbringing, including divided cultural loyalties, feelings of alienation, and degradation associated with poverty. This story is a clear perspective from Cisneros and what she is thinking about the world. Also she may have included the Barbie because as a little girl she was the only girl.
    Barbie doll poem:
    Marge Piercy was born March 31, 1936 in Detroit into a family that had been, like many others, affected by the Depression. From what I can see Marge had some difficulties in her childhood. She even struggle with her image. Like it says right here she did not fit any image of what women were supposed to be like. In the poem Barbie Doll she uses the image of a woman just to represent the struggles that the woman passes throw life. And the bad effects that a single word can cause. This poem is very true. Right now this is still a main point in this world and society. “The perfect woman”. The truth is there is no perfect woman. The people have to accept us as we are perfect as we are.

  8. Barbie Doll
    The poem “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy is a critic to society. The title of the poem is symbolic. It is symbolic because Barbie dolls are known to represent the way society thinks towards how a perfect woman should physically look. Throughout the poem it is shown the oppression of the people to “ugly” or “imperfect” people and how it does affect the victim psychologically by mockery. We human are sociable creatures, therefore we need acceptance from others and love. In search of it we take desperate measures like plastic surgery, as mentioned in the poem, to fix the “problem” for pleasing the others rather than herself. For me to be accepted in some social group or something, one must first accept the way they are and let the ignorants to deal with it. End of it!

    The short story “Barbie-Q” by Sandra Cisnero is about two poor girls whom love to play with their barbies. These two girls of the story represents the childhood of women from low class family. It can be seem that not having money to buy a Ken or cloths for their barbies they use their imagination and creativity to play. Thus, they still have fun. Also, it is shown that being raised poor, the children are more likely to be humble. For example in the story the girls did not mind the fact that the dolls were damaged but for instance they though of how to fix it with just covering the melted leg of a Barbie with cloth.

  9. Luis De Jesus Sanchez
    secc. 073

    What can we see, plastic, plastic everywhere. This world in where many of our believes and perception are molded since our childhood nobody is born cristian, nobody is born beatifull, ugly, rich, poor. We are born not knowing and many times we live without knowing. This life is as relative as it can be but people dont really see it thats why its said that beauty is on the eye of the beholder. But our materialist and so superficial society that only is a sad one. People are admired by looks not by what they may have done. More people are informed of what is the color of the nails of katy perry than those in search for a cure of cancer or a new way to figth HIV.

    As children boys are given the “boy toys” and girls “girl toys”. As girls usually get the barbie dolls this tall blonde long legged blue eyed women that embodies society standard for what is pretty. As children this wont be seen as nothing bad but as people grow up they will remain with the same perception if you aint a barbie you aint pretty enough and so on you will be criticized about those supposed defects because you dont embody that plastic deity. As shown on the poems girls do anything for their toy not thinking much of it because it made her happy and the other being compared to that stereotype of beauty created by others. Such a sad pattern in our society everyone is born beatifull and the will be beautifull the rest of their life, this wont change because of one persons opinion because the only thing that matter are you.

  10. The first story I will be analyzing is “Barbie-Q” by American writer Sandra Cisneros. Poverty and imagination are a few of the subjects that are present in the story. The story is about two little girls that enjoy playing with their Barbie dolls. The little girls explain how they play dress-up with the dolls and how they would choose the clothes for the Barbie’s. They would make a dress out of an old sock because they did not have enough dresses for the dolls, for they did not have enough money. Eventually, the girls went to a flea market and saw a box fill with old damaged Barbie’s. These dolls were damaged because of a fire that occurred in a factory, so the flea market started selling them. Although the dolls were damaged, the two girls did not mine having them, for they knew how to cover them well. This short story can teach us how to value things in life and how to reuse some objects in our home. We can change our perspective in life by valuing the things given and to maintain its condition.
    My second analysis is the poem “Barbie Doll” by American poet Margie Piercy. Even though this poem is about the same toy in the previous story, a big difference is the economic status. In this poem the woman can afford a plastic surgery and in the previous story the little girls cannot afford a simple Barbie doll. This poem deals with problems such as low self-esteem, discrimination, and bullying. The poem explains how a woman was judged from a young age because of her different physical characteristics. After words, she ended having a plastic surgery and dying because of it. This poem can teach us how to value ourselves, value others and not judge other because of their physical appearance.

  11. Crystal N. Ruiz Irizarry
    Ingl 3104 Section 081

    The Barbie Doll Poem by Marge Piercy and the story “Barbie-Q” by Sandra Cisneros talk about stereotypes and consummation that affect our today’s society. They both use Barbie dolls to represent these terms or elements. Society starts to change the way people think because they all look for beauty. If someone has an imperfection they quickly start talking and argumenting about it. Today’s world is consumed with stereotypes because people think that beauty is all in the world, but we definitely have to accept our selves the way we are. Companies, tv channels and commercials always show up this problem bringing to real life these things.
    In the Barbie-Q story these two girls don’t care about their social class. What they only want is to play with Barbie dolls. They even don’t care if they are damaged. In the story, there is a conflict between dream and reality. Here, the character accept her own social background and understand that it doesn’t matter the beauty. We have to accept our own identity and forget about materialism. This story teach and try to tell us that we have to accept us how we are and that beauty doesn’t makes us beautiful at all. What most import are the values and the morals the person have. That’s what makes people really beautiful. Society doesn’t accept those who are different. People have to change the ways they act, think and are to be accept by society.
    In the poem, the idea of perfection is presented by Barbie dolls. We can see it like a metaphor. The Barbie Doll poem talks about a girl that used to play with Barbies and when she grew up she changed the image of herself. The author maybe chooses those dolls to do the comparison or just to state the point because these types of dolls are popular in our society. Barbie dolls represent different lifestyle. The Ken also represents an important character because he emphasizes young women’s interests. In today’s society makeup is what women like more because it covers the imperfections of natural beauty. There is also symbolism through the poem in the part where it says “dressed in a pink and white nightie”. Usually, the boxes where the Barbie comes are those colors and when the character at the poem made the changes to herself, it looks like a symbolism, a new perfect woman as beautiful as Barbie dolls. The character in the poem manipulated her body to change herself as a Barbie. In order to be perfect, women in this case, have to appeal to plastic surgery so that society can accept them.

  12. Sec. 081

    Barbie Doll

    This poem basically explains the social misconception and stereotype that women have to be young, thin and beautiful in order to get noticed and appreciated by others. This stereotype is so popular that people still, to this day haven’t realized that this makes the teenage girls insecure about their bodies, about who sees them and they think about the way she looks. She may have in excellent condition and in her appropriated weight, but she doesn’t believe anyone that says this proceeds by doing what victims of this stereotype do eat and vomit what she already ate. The speaker of the poem seems to be someone who was close to the victim, maybe a family member, friend, co-worker or classmate. This person sees the victim trying to ignore what people say about her image but in the end she can’t take it anymore and submits to the “will” of those who are close to her. She then finally becomes this lifeless doll who lets everyone take advantage of her because she is now “accepted” by society. This poem is directed to those who think that they should submit to this lifestyle in order to get attention and be successful in life but you’ve only become a doll that is accepted by society only because of your image also if lose that image you’ll be thrown away and replaced by another very quickly. Society wants and demands perfection from people when in reality perfection doesn’t exist, that is difference between a human and inanimate object like a doll. We all have flaws but what you do with those flaws is up to you.


    This story is about how 2 little girls, who live in poverty and how they spend their time playing with their rejected and imperfect Barbie dolls. Throughout the story they explain how they play, utilizing their imagination and creativity to enjoy their playtimes despite the fact that they don’t have more dolls or accessories to use when they’re playing. At the end they get more dolls but just like their first dolls, the new ones are damaged and will not be sold in toy stores because the imperfections they had suffered. This doesn’t seem to affect the girls because to them even though they are imperfect it is still a Barbie doll. This explains how they think of each other, that no matter where you’re from, what you have or don’t have, and what “imperfections” society thinks you have, you can still be yourself.

  13. “Barbie-Q” was written by Sandra Cisneros in 1991. The story use two main character which are two little girls. The two girls are poor and have no money to buy more barbies and accessories. They are ingenious because they make another dress for their barbies out of a sock. Also these girls are humble or non materialistic because they didn’t care if they had brand new perfect barbies as long as they had them. They were proud of what they had. Also one of the girls has pretty deep thoughts when she says people wouldn’t notice the barbies are damaged unless they look under the dress. This could mean that you don’t really know someone or something unless you actually take time to get to notice it or him and hear him. Sandra in this story uses lots of enumeration and adjectives to emphasize how many accessories one can have for a barbie and how little girls are taught since they are little that they can’t dress with normal clothing. They have to use glamorous clothing because that is how society perceives beauty.

    Barbie doll is a poem written by Marge Piercy and she uses an ironic simple tone. The speaker of the poem is an observer (the person watching the girl throughout her life). The speaker is trying to address society. Because society has already stated what is to be perceived as beautiful. She is trying to tell society how far a person is willing to go to achieve what is beautiful for others. The poem has no definite rhyme scheme and it is presented in 4 stanzas. Also the author uses lots of imagery to better convey how the girl goes from what she thinks is ugly to society’s beautiful. She uses imagery to compare how a woman has a to look like a barbie doll and to portrait the different phases of growing up.

  14. Rafael Chaparro Sec.072
    Barbie Doll Poem:
    In this poem the girl born and grows normally. She did what other girls normally do at her age an had the common toys. One day someone said that she had a big nose and fat legs. This things symbolizes things she should not have, which could be her behavior, actions or even her thoughts. Society had become a judge and tell how you how you should behave, act and think to be “normal”. The girl was told to do things “normal” girls do, even though she did not wanted to to she had to. Finally “she cut her nose and her legs and offered them up” meaning that she gave up who she was to become who everyone wanted her to be, to be seen but not looked at, to be known because her existence but not because of her history. Be who you are. At last people, jobs, comments come ad go; if you are not yourself you will lose much more.

    In this poem we can notice that the most important thing is the outfit. The outfit descriptions is so specific and the anatomy description is almost absent. Even though they do not have lots of money, the people that are playing with the dolls wants more outfits “Only Ken’s invisible, right? Because we don’t have money for a stupid-looking boy doll when we’d both rather ask for a new Barbie outfit next Christmas”. It does not matter what it is made of “… a dress invented from an old sock where we cut holes here and here and here…”. In the last paragraph its clearly implied that does not matter how the body had changed as long as you cover it with nice cloth.

  15. The short story tittled as “Barbie-Q” and the poem “Barbie Doll poem” are trying to bring a point about barbies. In the poem the author focuses on social criticism. It can be inferred because during the reading the author expresses: “Her good nature wore out… Like a fan belt… So she cut off her nose and her legs and offered them up…” and from this, its meaning is to be a thin woman and you will be accepted by the society. The significance of this poem is focused on “personify” a woman in a Barbie and the central idea of it is to place in woman minds to evaluate how they are and how they “most” be. The society dictates what the “real” beauty is and basing on that, is to be thin.

    The poem is also presenting an important point, the “ideal” pretty woman. Based on what is expressed by the author of the poem and song, it can be mentioned that the “ideal” woman is the one does not has “…great big nose and fat legs”, as written on the poem. It can be inferred that this type of poem is a critic and it is trying to “say” to womens which is the “ideal” beauty but by the concept presented during the reading is an incorrect one. The real statement is that beauty is relative because to some people a pretty woman is tall, little, thin, color skin, white, red hair, big nose and other characteristics.

    Also, the short story “Barbie-Q”, the author is making a point about what is and who is the “perfect” beautiful woman and what are the characteristic that composes her as being the “perfect” one. The story is focusing on external beauty not on the internal beauty as mentioned on the story as if they are the most important components of woman and they are: “stripped swimsuit, stilettos, sunglasses, and gold hoop earrings”. My position to these concepts is that humble is better and beauty is not found in material stuff’s. Beauty emanates from the inside.

  16. Analysis:

    Barbie doll:

    The poem is narrating a story of a girl from the beginning until she dies. It is a critique to society. People believe that you have to be pretty to be accepted. There’s a girl who is called fat nose and fat legs by one of her classmates. However, she was wealthy, intelligent, and possessed strong arms, but still her classmates called her fat nose and thick legs. Somehow this really affect the girl, and she had a plastic surgery and cut off her legs and nose. Now everyone sees her pretty and we have a happy ending. This poem clearly demonstrates the odd meaning people or society truly haves about what beauty really is.

    Barbie Q:

    Barbie Q is a story about two girls who are obsessed with barbie dolls and they like to play with them a lot. The girls know everything about them. They know all the outfits and all the other barbie characters names. They just don’t have money to afford the dolls. Each year, the girls have to wait until Christmas to receive a doll. One day, the girls were at the flea market and they saw barbie dolls for sale. The barbie dolls were burned so they were cheap and the girls could afford them. The girls were really happy and they didn’t even care that the barbie dolls were burned.
    The story is called barbie Q because of the burned dolls. Since in a BBQ you burn food, well the barbies burned too but in a store that got in a fire. So the tittle is symbolic.

  17. Barbie Doll: This poem is a social criticism to the societys expectative how it pretends in this case how they pretended her perfect. It also show how can peoples self-steem can be afected and it change just with the pressure of adjusting themselves to what the society want and expect. It’s most common to find in this cases women they seem to have more urged to this perfection expectative.”Then in the magic of puberty, a classmate said: You have a great big nose and fat legs.” Comments like this were just kept going and going and ” You should exhorted to come on hearty,exercise, diet, smile and wheedle” these were some of the things that made the woman find herself under such pressure and the need to please society that she finally wore out, she gave up, I can infer that when it says ”So she cut off her nose and her legs and offered them up” It can refer to getting plastic surgery;later on after this finding herself in a casket. My point is this is how society expectatives can wore down a person. Beauty comes from within 🙂

    Barbie Q: In this story the author Sandra Cisneros writes a very creative reality story, being told through a child.It expresses how material some people can be and with how little a child who has lived his whole life in poverty can conform with.The flea market scene describes the ugly reality of the narrators life it shows the vicissitudes the people with these economic statuses go through. To me this is a story that should have more ‘exposure’. To me the story is a reality cheq that, It remaids us how grateful we have to be with what we have and what we have been given. Material stuff is just that … stupid material stuff, that is not everything in life.

  18. The poems are about, how society impulse the women to have a standard of beauty, or what means to be a successful woman. With the pass of time the perspective of what mean be a beautiful woman had change. Also this perspective change according to where you are. For example I India the real beauty comes from a fat woman, not like America that be beautiful means be skinny. In the 20 century the big industries or corporations introduce the perfect standard of woman (blue eyes, blonde, big legs etc…) and if you are not that way or try to be like this you obviously are ugly. To make more commotion, these industries make the doll “Barbie” that represents a doll with all this characteristics. The point of making these dolls are to rise from littler all the girls that they are ugly and not to conform to the way they are, making them uncomfortable with their bodies. This way of thinking make the girls buy all type of makeup, dresses, surgery, and in the end the only who won from all this are the big corporation that fill their pockets with money of insecure women.

  19. Barbie Doll:

    This poem speaks about a girl that was being bullied all the time. They were calling her names and making her feel ugly. A barbie is directed to girls. People always discriminate saying that if a girl isn’t perfect like a barbie, then it’s considered an ugly person. She got unsecure of herself and wanted to go have surgery to become the boys “perfect or ideal” girl. After she got the surgery, she died and everyone went to her funeral and saw her in the casket, as beautiful as a barbie in their own casket.

    Barbie Q:

    It wants to let the readers know the discrimination people have against black women. Saying that the barbie is only beautiful if it is a white barbie. Nobody is perfect. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. In both, they speak about the discrimination and how you should not change the way that you are just because of what other people think. Not everyone has the same tastes and thinks the same way.

  20. Sec. 081
    This poem is about the importance of appreciating what you have, even if it is barely nothing at all. The poem is based on two unspoiled girls who come from a family that is not very financially stable. The girls are in no way obnoxious, they are grateful for the little things that they have, most importantly, their barbie dolls. Even though their parents do not have the money to satisfy all their needs, they are able to find happiness, through creativity and imagination. One good example of this is how they invent a outfit for the barbie made out of a sock; also when they play with “invisible ken.” These young girls, unlike many others, are conscious of their parents financial state and they don’t try to abuse or ask more than they can be given. They do not feel bad or embarrassed about having barbies that are not new and clean, they are just happy and appreciative of the fact they have them. Not everything has to be new and the best in order to still be valuable and appreciated, these girls could teach a great lesson to many spoiled brats who do realize how hard it is to live without being financially stable, as well as that you should be grateful of everything thing you have.

    Barbie Poem
    This poem is an excellent message sent to the public, it criticizes the fact that many people judge others based on what they see on the outside, which is their physical appearance. For many people, their physical appearance creates a barrier between their inner self and how people see them. No matter how intelligent and beautiful, on the inside, a person may be, their physical appearance will always affect the opinions of others. In the poem, the obese woman, who was unsatisfied with how the way she looks, had a liposuction procedure done on her so she could feel better about herself, which was sadly based on how others thought of her. At the end, after she had died, everyone thought she looked pretty, because of all the make up and obviously, the medical operation. This poem also criticizes the use of make up on women, it is, in a way, used to cover up one’s natural, which many people are not satisfied by, appearance.

  21. The analisys  on this poem is that the girl feel not worthy of herself.She aspires to be a barbie doll. As she compares herself to a barbie , she says that she had some defects and that she needs to be perfect as a barbie. The author is trying to show that because she is a black, and tries to be a white girl .This story talks about the struggles of their skin color . The poem is writing in a free verse because it has no definite rime scheme. The poem is directed to all the girls around the world who would give anything to look beautiful like a barbie doll. The poem utilizes concrete images to illustrate the changes of growing up and the changes to become beautiful.

    Barbie Q is writing by Sandra Cisneros. The story portrays the childhood of the young girls who are poor. Its trying to describe the life of living on the suburbs. The young girls because they are poor they only have two barbies dolls . They have limited clothing and one of clothes is a dress cut out of a sock. Although they are poor the girl is proud of who she is and is proud o her barbie doll. Later in the story, we see the girl purshising damaged dolls, but she didn’t care about it , she just care about having the complete set of dolls.

  22. Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy:

    Through the history of mankind, the path of women has not been easy. As a symbol of beauty woman faces many pressures from society. So Marge Piercy’s poem speaks of how the pressure of society acts on women, the attempt to mold the perfect woman and make it look a certain way, act a certain way, dress a certain way, turned out to be destructive.The tone of the poem is ironic and from the beginning, including the title of the poem “Barbie Doll” that refers to the best-selling toy in history and the representation of the ideal female body. In the poem we see a transition also, and how the girl change through all her life, since she was little, “Then in the magic of puberty”, when her body change quickly and how like a doll she let the society to manipulate her life. This is a sad reality and representation of many women around the world, an example might be anorexia
    bulimia, depression, etc.

    Barbie Q by Sandra Cisneros:

    The story i written in second person, and from the beginning we see the narrator of the story is a little girl. From my perception what she plays with the doll is a reflection of what she will like her life to be as an adult, or how she will look like. Initially in the story, the girl shows a particular interest in improving the appearance of the barbie, but unlike “Barbie Doll”, when the girl is going to buy new dolls, she chose those that were burned. It is a social critique and as the girl accepts her flaws and change their perspective of how people see her.

  23. Barbie Q
    The story I think is set in the past, in a time where Barbies weren’t as affordable as they are now and poor kids only got them on special occasions. Right now kids get at least 2 or 3 on Christmas and there are a lot of imitations anyone can buy. As the girls were really poor they were happy with the 2 dolls they had and loved playing with them. The game that they played is actually pretty similar to the games girls play now with Barbies, so that’s something that hasn’t changed. No matter how little they had the girls made the best out of it. These girls weren’t spoiled, they practically begged their parents to buy them a new doll but they were satisfied with the damaged ones. Most kids now are really spoiled and get whatever they want from their parents, and I don’t think anyone would be happy with a broken doll. Their excitement when they got the damaged dolls shows that they only wanted to play with them and didn’t really care about how they looked. The girl’s attitude towards the dolls show that they don’t care about appearances and that having nothing makes you more grateful about whatever, no matter how little, you have.

    Barbie Doll
    This poem is an indirect social critic. Society has this image of the skinny white girl, with small features as their idea of pretty, and categorizes anyone different as ugly. Even smart and healthy girls often get discriminated for not fitting this idea of what is pretty. Society, from little kids to old women critic one another without thinking about how the person might feel or if there is something that made them look that way. This hurts people and often makes them go to extreme lengths to change their appearance. Many people get to the point where they feel so ugly they don’t want to live and commit suicide. I think it is very hard, especially for girls to be told you are ugly, as much as people say they don’t care about what other think it hurts them. No one has the right to make someone feel bad, the people who do this have really low self-esteem and this makes them feel better about themselves. I think we should leave behind this idea of standard pretty and be open to all the beauty this world has to offer. No matter people’s skin color, hair type or weight everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  24. Jose M. Reyes Torres
    Poem’s Literary Analysis:
    Barbie Doll
    This poem titled Barbie doll is basically an ironic, but at the same time so real narration, of a woman’s life from her childhood until her death. A woman that never could live her life at all, because she was always trying to please the society’s in its prototypes, on how to be a beautiful and perfect lady. If one analyze this poem from the very beginning, one can notice that her desire or better said lack of own character while trying to feet in such demanding society, wasn’t completely her fault. It actually had to be with the education and values her parents supposed to give her, when she was a little girl. Such education was totally essential, in order to build a more confident human being about her own physical and character traits as well. Without any doubt, there was the fact of her free willing, she wasn’t obligated directly by the society to feet its standards. But in the other hand she was a slave of her own ignorance, letting the society’s “what will say” take control of her life. The author wanted to express a simple but very important lesson, of not being slaves of our society; regardless of how much people do or follow something, it doesn’t necessarily means it’s the right thing to do.

    Barbie- Q
    At first impression this short story might appear as a simple one, about two little poor girls who love to play with Barbie dolls. But when you get deeper into it, you can appreciate the social criticism’s message the author wants to show us. When one analyzes the conversation between the two girls, one can realize how far the social prototypes have reached. Until reaching the point of affecting the most innocent members of our society; who obviously are our children. Focusing on what the girl said at the end, if they buy a melted foot doll, then after dressing her and hiding her imperfections she would appear beautiful to the sight. At the same manner the society tries to make you believe, that hiding your traits as “imperfections”, then you will be really beautiful. And obviously, we can’t forget the fact that they want us to replace our traits with those the society has imposed as perfect. For example, the traditional blonde and skinny white girl with green or blue eyes. A fallacy made by those who never thought about when their children would have to treat with such diverse world, in which we are living.

  25. Analysis on Barbie Poems
    The author of Barbie-Q presents us on how the Barbie dolls influence on young girls. First the young girls become addicted because they want the latest models of the dolls. The girls even play with Barbie with old sockets and with smell of cigar. This tells us the young girls are likely poor but at least they accept what are their economical problems and conforms with old or damaged Barbies. Also that conformist with these dolls can be directly influenced by the addiction, created by the makers of Barbie dolls, to get huge profits from it. The other problem is on how the girls view Barbie dolls to be the ideal girls. This creates an illusion on girls and they think that looking and acting like Barbie they become beautiful and popular. The girls can even bully other girls, all because they are not skinny, blonde and with white skin.
    The poem Barbie dolls present to real problem of thinking that Barbie dolls are the image of a real girl should look and behave. Little kids at elementary school can be foolish and they can prejudge girls, simply because they do not look like the white, skinny and blonde Barbie dolls. The author main purpose is to break the stereotype, therefore trying to stop prejudgments on little girls. Also the author is saying to us that we need to stop living for others and start living for ourselves, so we can be happy with ourselves.

  26. Barbie Q story and poem:

    The barbies are the classical favorite toy of all the girls. Both, the poem and the story exposes a social problem were the barbie symbolizes beauty. The society is affected by the barbies because it means beauty for it, so there is a wrong vision of beauty in every woman with the following features: blonde, white, thin, etc. Also, the clothes that your barbie wears is a symbolism of beauty and prestige over the other barbies.
    “Barbie doll” poem is about a woman who played with barbies in his childhood. Maybe, she was african-american because she had a big nose and fat legs. This are characteristics of african-american people. She followed his roommates advices and she changed his big nose and fat legs,probably by using the plastic surgery. At the end, the author hints us that she was dead or something like that. Maybe it could symbolize the dead of the classical and natural human. Anyway, no one cared about his dead; they only cared about his “fake beauty”.

  27. Cristian Juan Garcia sec 081

    Barbie Q
    In “Barbie-Q” Sandra Cisneros writes a creative, childlike reality in a short story. The setting takes many girls back to their younger years when they would have play dates and dream about the new Barbie’s being released. With the point of view of children excited for any toy they can play with brings back many memories for people and she can reminisce about their childhood. The plot shows the struggles of a family who may not be able to afford more than the next family which is why the girls only have one a piece. Every child just cherishes each toy like it is their prized possession. As a child, everyone wants the latest trend just to keep up with their friends, unlike these girls in “Barbie-Q” aren’t fortunate enough to get new toys after each is released. These girls made do with what they had and made it work. “This and a dress invented from an old sock when we cut holes here and here and here …” These girls just patiently wait until Christmas comes, not even for a new doll, but a new outfit. What the narrator values in her dolls and what she plays with them could be seen as a reflection of her own self image, of what she thinks she should look like and what kind of life she should live. From the first few lines of the story it becomes clear that the narrator of the story is a little girl. She describes the outfits of her barbies, as if reading from the package, to her friend. In the last paragraph, the narrator seems to accept her own social background as she understands that it doesn’t matter that they can’t afford all the new Barbie dolls. “So what if we didn’t get our new Bendable Legs Barbie and Midge …” In the end the narrator describes her flawed Barbie, this could be seen as having a bigger meaning, that the child also accepts her own flaws and ends her quest for perfection defined by society.

    Barbie doll
    The narrator implicitly criticizes the ways in which women are socialized into stereotypical feminine behavior. She suggests that the enormous social pressures on women to conform to particular ways of looking and behaving are ultimately destructive. Piercy skewers the image of the barbie doll, implying that it is inherently destructive and ultimatly criticize the way society objectifies women.

  28. Barbies…. Know as one of the most common toy by young feminine audience tell the story of how the concept of beauty has been manipulated till getting to the point to where it is today. Supposely to society a beautifull women has to be a white, skinny boned women with everything in her place that make looks more of a priority than knowledge and grace.That stereotype of the concept of “beauty” has made girls araund the world soffer from many social problems starting by a simple comon problem eating disorders. I dont know why in stores one never sees a fat barbie beauty is internal and one must never want no be like others simply being ourselfs we will suprise people and shine in our own way

  29. Roberto R. Carrera MartÍnez

    Sec. 072

    Barbie Doll & Barbie-Q

    On the poem “Barbie Doll” compares the figure of the modern women with a Barbie doll. It expresses how a little girl can be bullied because of her appearance and how this continues until she dies. She started looking for beauty all her life without noticing that it would kill her. She became a victim of society, which has a view of what is beauty on women and what is not. This tendency affects all aspects of the daily life for her. It can affect her jobs opportunities, her love relationships and even how she see herself and how she feels about it. This phenomenon had created a big “economy” based on consumerism of products that can be very harmful for them; it can even kill people. In this case, this woman decides to realize a plastic surgery on her nose and legs, but this kills her instead. It was not until she died when people consider her beautiful. This poem shows a sexist society.

    On the story “Barbie-Q”, as in “Barbie Doll” exposes that beauty is not important, you can still be useful being ugly or pretty, it does no affect the way that a person can performed a job. Here women are compared to Barbie dolls in a way to compare how society see them. Its also shows a sexist society baced on judging women in aspect and social class in a more intense and cruel way than to men. This is proof when the narrator exclude the masculine figure of Ken Doll out of the story. The story shows how women can be victims of society by been physically and emotionally abused, as like the fire burned some parts of the dolls in the toy store, but they can still be usefull and be beautiful by moving on and learning to keep themselves save and by be proud and show their hield scars.

  30. Génesis Y. Lugo Toro
    Ingl 3104 Sec. 081

    Come on Barbie, let’s go party, yeah right!

    Both of these poem reading during class, by interpretatating them we can know in a explicit way that society became to estereotype the bodies of every women and most for the influences of toys like “Barbie and Ken”. The problem is that from our childhood we have been bombardated for all this comercial thats are about be skinny, be beutiful, and with this comes the nice customes that fits with our nice shapes. They sell us a lot of products related to the beauty, but the question is: What beauty? the one that they seed into our mind by images, promotions or in other words all the media’s influence. However, probably the authors of these poems wants to awake us the doubt or invite us to re-think about the reality related to womens bodies. Because, the mayor part of the womens doesn’t are skinny like the ones in the comercials. In resume we can notice that more than stereotyping, these society behavior have become into an economic and emotional crisis. Let’s began to open our minds and get out of the box of thoughts planted into our mind by people that just want to sale.

  31. Sec.072
    Barbie Doll
    Barbie doll is a poem basically that on my point of view is focused on make us realize what effects has what society thinks and the stereotypes that people think is beautiful and what’s not, and how this affects our lives. Also i think this poem bring us a clear message that is to dont care about what people said about you because we are all the same , we are humans , and we are beautiful each on of us has our own beautifulness. The fact that in this poem is that a classmate told the little girl that he has a big nose & a fat legs , and here’s when the stereotypes enter because toys companies make the dolls beautiful and with a specifications that time by time make people establish an stereotype of what is beautiful and what’s not, and girls want to be beautiful like the “dolls”, so they would do anything to look “beautiful” like them, and that’s just wrong because we have to be content whit what we are and how we are, because God make us all beautiful. And another message that this poem could bring us is the point that maybe when we realize what we have done & in what we have transform trying to reach the established stereotype maybe it should be too late to go back and be who we really and naturally we are , “ Just Humans & brothers because we are all sons of God, and he look us all the same” .

    This poem i think is a criticism to the society eye & opinion about what beauty is , because in this poem there’s two poor girls who love to play with dolls and they’re like having a conversation and you can catch what they think about what is the beauty stereotype for them and how they feel about being poor. The critical point is when in thin poem the two little girls said “And if the prettiest doll, Barbie’s MOD’ern cousin Francie with real eyelashes, eyelash brush included, has a left foot that’s melted a little—so? If you dress her in her new “Prom Pinks” outfit, satin splendor with matching coat, gold belt, clutch, and hair bow included, so long as you don’t lift her dress, right?—who’s to know?” oh well it seems like the girls think that we can hide our defects with makeup and expensive clothe and that’s what society really is trying to make us believe by using Photoshop on models pictures to make them look perfect, but really is that nobody is perfect and as humans we all got our defects, and we have to be fine with that because as i said before we are humans & nobody is perfect , & society is trying to make people hide their defect and live with discomfort and trying to be who they are not. As humans whe have to accept each other with defects. Also this poem present us a contrast between the way of think of a poor girl , that’s a girl that sees herself with defects that rich people dont have and because shes poor she has to be conform with that,whe the reality is that money dont make us beautiful or better, and that she dreams with things that she cannot have , and she have to be fine & conform with that. A real lesson that a reader can take from this poem is to fight & reach every goal that we have no matter what because humans vs. humans we are the same no one is better and money dont make us better neither , and no matter what is your economical state that do no should stop you from being what you want , and to dont let society stereotypes affects us, and just be who we really are , and dont hide our defect because that defect make us who we really are , “ just humans”.

  32. This two literary works have a lot a things and ideas that are the same in each work. The first is a poem, and the other one is a short story. If you look more of what the authors writes, you will see that the most important message of this two stories is of what the people, the human beings, are focus in just one thing: to look more beautiful or to be the most invaluable person of the society. With the two principal characters of the stories, we can see how the author’s are saying that basically the women of this time are like the Barbies, and how the girls are slayer of the fashion and the competition of being the best girl in the world. The way that the authors write the stories tells that to us. The all happy story and in the end the Barbie commits suicide is an example that this world of the fashion and the luxury is a world of pain too, and in one way or another, the superficial world that they lives is a truth, and it happens all the time. That’s basically what I think the two authors are telling about the stories. About that, the two stories were great, and they have a good message and structure.

  33. Sec.072

    Barbie Q:

    In “Barbie-Q” Sandra Cisneros criticizes artificial feminine stereotypes that are embodied on Barbie dolls. Here are two girls who are too poor to buy new Barbies clothes. They’re playing with Barbies with two basic dolls and an invisible Ken, until there’s a sale on smoke damaged dolls. Then the girls are able to buy an set of new dolls. Then in the story they said “And if the prettiest doll, Barbie’s MOD’ern cousin Francie…has a left foot that’s melted a little–so? If you dress her in her new ‘Prom Pinks’ outfit, satin splendor with matching coat, gold belt, clutch and hair bow included, so long as you don’t lift her dress, right–who’s to know?” here Cisneros is both attacking and acknowledging the depths our culture goes to in an attempt to hide women’s assumed “faults”.

    Barbie doll:

    In this poem by Marge Piercy she presents and criticizes some ideas that society has that ultimately cause the girl’s lack of self-satisfaction, like having perfect bodies, perfect faces, and the perfect look.That’s why Piercy names the poem “Barbie Doll” because Barbies are an example of fake perfection.

  34. Barbie Doll
    In the poem Barbie doll, the author talks about how we as a society have a stereotype that affect the perception of what women has to be. In the case of men, this happens too, but in this case we will be talking about women. The stereotype that our society has about women is that they have to be skinny, with big Bobbies and big butt. Also another qualities they have to have are straight hair, blue or green eyes and they need to have American factions. When I say American factions, I mean that their factions have to be considerable. It cannot be big nose, little lips, etc. All this things make the stereotype of women. This stereotype has been affecting for years the images of woman and the perception they have of themselves. This is making our women have complex about how they look and that affect the way of they reflect into others. That is one of the reasons why today women’s do not value themselves and also why men are treating them bad. I think this poem is a social critic of how our society incontinently is affecting the self-esteem and the image of our future woman generations. Also this would be affecting how women develop themselves and how other peoples perceive them. This would make our women very insecure.

    “Barbie Q”
    In the story we see all the elements mentioned on the poem Barbie Doll, but in this story we have other aspects that also affect our people. One of them is Money. Many people think that Money is a synonym of being pretty, good and praise for everybody. But that’s not true. We have to admit that today Money is essential for us to live, but other things are more important. In this story the author is telling us that our society live of appearance and people don’t care about peoples feelings. That is something that us , as a society, has to work on to have a better quality of live. I really like this story because under the whole story we can see the reality of how our society is turning and help us to recognize our errors. We have time to re-educate our people and teach our children and future generations that most important than beauty, Money and images is the human factor with a heart that feels and wants to be treated equal, instead of being rejected by the way they look. We have the time to do this and have a better place for our future generations.

  35. The point of view of the authors in both poems is to create a visual image on the behavior or influence that little kids have, and the costant peer pressure that the society push us. In the poem Barbbie Doll we can see that the author Marge uses society as an example of pressure. Sometimes in life we let that other people decide wether we accept ourselves such as we are, and sometimes we let other people bring way down our selfsteem. Like it happen in the poem, everyone thought that she was pretty when she was dead. We can make a connection on Barbbie Doll and Barbbie-Q, by seeing the different types os society class. In the Barbbie-Q there were very poor and didn’t have any money to buy a Barbbie so they decided to make their own Barbbie with old socks. At the end of the story we could see that they didn’t care much wether the Barbbie where, white, black or sstinky. What really matters to them were that they were Barbbie’s that they could play with.

  36. The “Barbie Doll Poem” is an example of society’s pressure towards your appearance and how everyone that doesn’t meet the standards of beauty that society accepts, will be criticized. That girl was told that she had a big nose and fat legs so she had surgery and it wasn’t until she was dead that they found her pretty; it could have been because society did not get to take a good look at her until her funeral, where they went to see her for the last time. Since she had low self-esteem, instead of just accepting her body and loving the way it was, she had that surgery because she wanted to be pretty to society’s eyes. It can be seen how society pressures girls and boys to meet society’s expectations of being pretty, because if you are not “pretty” you won’t be cool and will be seen as an outcast, forcing people to change if they want to fit in. On the other hand, in the story “Barbie Q” the girls don’t care that the barbies they have are burned and stink of smoke because they are grateful to have barbies. They are proud of what they have and do not care about what other people think. To society, these girls’ barbies may seem as useless or garbage, but these girls truly appreciate what they have and do not feel pressured to what new barbies. However, most people feel pressured of what society thinks and that is why they end up like the girl from the “Barbie Doll Poem”.

  37. Barbie-Dolls Poem Analysis
    This poem begins with imagery by creating this vision of relatable materials of our past. The character can be analyzed as a young girl being judged by other cruel kids and grow with a low-self esteem caused by society. The world has created this idol of what is pretty or not and never state the natural beauty within. Society wants her to be someone else by advising her to act coy and the worst part is that she actually follows their critique and tries to resolve them by getting rid of the problem. When she dies is when she is most beautiful because in her casket she is “perfect” by wearing makeup and having the surgery just as society pleases. She uses metaphor first when she is in a casket it symbolizes the Barbie itself in its box. And another metaphor used here is when they take away the natural in her by wearing makeup. This poem is a satire because it critiques society in their stereotypes and judgmental values. The author uses alliteration when she states, “Color of cherry candy” and also uses irony and metaphors. I am going to finish off with a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that says “Imitation is suicide”.

    Barbie-Q Story Analysis
    The story uses the Barbie as an identity to demonstrate how the girls’ state of living is. As they describe the Barbie along the story, they are actually expressing how poor they are. Besides, they do not care what they get, so these girls are not spoiled, they are happy with what they are and thankful for what they have. Unlike society that are never satisfied and all they want is more and more like greedy bastards. This setting can be classified as a poor environment was girls use their imagination to create entertainment. The message trying to communicate is to accept who you are and be grateful with what you have.

  38. Barbie is a toy that every young girl treasures. Barbie is tall, skinny, blonde, fair-skinned, successful, and fun. She has all the right clothes, accessories, friends and family. Barbie is a fictional character that many young girls dream to be like. In the short story, Barbie-Q by Sandra Cisneros, the narrator, who is a poor girl, talks about the many accessories and materials that the Barbie haves and how she and her friend found defected Barbie dolls but still use them. Barbie is like a symbol of the cultural norm for the “perfect women” that the narrator wants to be, however the damaged Barbie she finds represents that she cannot be perfect. The narration mainly uses first and second person, which recreates the world of a little girl, where the narrator and her friend and Barbie dolls are the only things that matter. But they play with their Barbie using social problems like fighting for a man, also copying situations of youth. The narrator seems to accept her own social background as she understands that it doesn’t matter that they can’t afford all the new Barbie dolls, the imperfections can always be hidden.

    Another example the “beauty” concept of society is presented in the poem Barbie Doll by Piercy. This poem tells about a girl who grows up and dies encountering some of the “beauty” stereotypes of society. From the moment she is born, this girl is exposed to the expectations of society and goes through life hating herself just because she haves a big nose and fat legs. The girl grown up using “feminine” things like lipstick, an iron, the stove and such toys that represents the domestic work that a women suppose to use or know how to use it. Then puberty hits and the classmates start to notice the defects of the bodies, being too cruel sometimes. Society seems to be so wrapped up in what people look like on the outside, they often disregard what the person has to offer emotionally or intellectually. While she grown up, she tries to fit in the “beauty” category by using methods like plastic surgery. But, even with that, the young woman feels as though she could not fit in and takes her own life. Sometimes, just to be like the others can bring consequences, both in the body and mind. Nobody can say what the real “beauty” because everybody haves different tastes and preferences. But, because a group of same opinions, everyone is trying to reach that concept of beauty, without even thinking that she can be truly beautiful in the eyes of a minimum group of persons.

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